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Storing Towables

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  • Storing Towables

    I would like to be able to store my towables partially deflated. They take up a lot of space sitting on the floor and was wondering if anyone had a retail or DIY solution.

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    I have mine deflated and stow it in a large army bag i got at an army/navy store.
    works quite well. Zips up and keeps it from getting damaged


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      We strap ours on our bimini. We have an l shaped tube. It works good and drains nicely. We don't drive with it up there. When we drive , I strap it to the swim platform.
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        We strap ours to our swim platform as well underway. Then let it float tied to the boat when we're sitting in a cove or just lounging. We have a battery powered air mattress pump we used one outing to inflate our towable once we had gotten out on the lake. That worked okay, but if I we're gonna deflate to travel and inflate at the next spot I would recommend a plug in style air pump. There is room under our sun pad for ours when we're finished for the day.

        By the way the boat in my sig pic is not the one we use for towables. The Stratos inboard outboard is the one we ski with.
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          I appreciate the replies very much. I was thinking more on the lines of after use - for the week or for the winter. I have deflated fully and stored in the past, had a really hard time getting the bladder back in place upon re-inflating. I was thinking of building some sort of rack to store them partially infated and on their side.

          Or perhaps it would be easier to ask suggestions on how to best keep the bladder aligned when inflating!


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            I just pulled the plugs and hang them up by the handles in the garage. They smell terrible if you just ball them up and leave them sit still wet haha