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any tubers out there ?

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  • any tubers out there ?

    lookin to catch big air from out sea ray with wake tower tubing , any good tips ? saw on you tube hard to tell but looks like shorter rope ???????
    thanks for ur time

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    I've been away so my apologies for getting back so late. The biggest trick to big air is to stack the wake so that it builds on itself. Drive in a slow circle (14 mph) and the centre of it will build a huge series of waves. Put the tube outside your wake and turn the other way to drop the tube in the middle of the wake. If you do it right its a good idea to cut throttle before the tuber hits the wake. I've put kids 12 ' into the air with the boat stopped if it works perfectly.
    On a side note I would never want to tow a tube from a tower. If the tube submerges there is a huge force that the tower would take and it has a 5' lever arm to really load the mounting locations. Good luck.


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      My kids (8/12/15yo) ask for a "spirited adventure" all the time. When doing so, I've found that figure-8's will churn up a nice bunch of waves for them. Just don't make it too tight so that you can build up their centrifugal force.
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        +1 on the tower idea being bad... I have seen it done but that doesn't make it right. Too much stress on the tower. It would be a bad day at the lake if the tower ripped off your boat. I know I would be grumpy after that ;-)

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