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Kids can't quite climb up on tube in the water - ideas?

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  • Kids can't quite climb up on tube in the water - ideas?

    My two daughters are 8 and 10, and they can't quite hoist themselves up on our tube when they fall off - it always requires a return trip from the boat to help them get back on again. Does anyone have any ideas on how we could assist the kids in making it easier for them to get back on the tube? I thought maybe a short rope tied to both handles and flung over the back of the tube might be enough to get them something to grab on to and pull themselves back up. Has anyone else had this issue?

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    I have the same issue depending on the tube. Some tubes smaller and the handles do not help, if anything try to flip the tube. I now use a big 4 seater and has lots of handles and back section sits lower, kids are able to pull themselves up. Kids are 12, 11 and 9.
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      One thing might be to keep a little tension on the line to help keep the tube down whie they climb up on the back side of the tube - if its flipping when they try to get on. However, if there's not much to grab onto, and/or strength is an obstacle - just go back and help them up. They're only little for such a short time. Enjoy!

      I would be hesitant about adding extra lines - possible entanglement.


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        I always pick the kids up from the water we get them in to make sure their alright and we usually switch riders once they fall off
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          Most of the time, kids or even adults cannot get on the tube once they are off. Only with enough strength and the counter weight of someone already on the tube will someone be able to get back on.

          Most always requires a return trip to the boat.
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            The kids need to do activities which promote upper body strength Joining a summer league swim team (a good idea for kids going boating anyway) or gymnastics would make a big difference. They could also practice getting on the tube or playing king of the tube in a sheltered cove. Kids that age really shouldn't have much of a problem getting back on a tube.


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              My kids could always get back on the tube, Sometimes they helped each other.

              Always had flat v shaped or round flat tubes.

              Having a tube with lots of handles helps too. Our tubes also had a flat strap across the tube to assist getting up.

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                Thanks for the after the season is over advice. Hope SmallTownGuy finished out the season w his girls enjoying the tube.

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