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Okeechobee waterway shortcut

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  • Okeechobee waterway shortcut

    Has anyone used the service to get under the bridge by way of a shortcut through of Okeechobee water way to save a trip around the tip of Florida?

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    no, however if it was me, I would go around the tip, spend a bunch of time in the keys and have fun.
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      I thought I read something about this in the Southern Airboat forums .


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        Hey, thanks to you both...and the link too....
        Still looking for someone who has gone that way.....will try another forum.....but thanks.
        Some "boats" aren't rigged to go "down and around"...
        I would say it's about 450 nm to go around as to 140 nm or so to go across the state...AND fresh water...
        Not to mention Ode mr. Weather......and at 6 knots on a sailboat....you are well aware, I'm sure, that it can be 4hrs on and 4hrs off...across the Gulf... 24/7.....lots of bad things can happen.....
        Wear and tear on the boat and every owner is different....
        One time I went down to wake a buddy and there was 2 inches of water in the cabin sole (not my boat).....that'll wake ya up real quick.
        On the shortcut....I've never gone that way cause I've always picked my crew and have been particular of "what boat ?"
        But it wears on ya....60 to 100 miles out...heeled over....late at night.....no one at the helm but you...staring at the chart plotter and radar......cold coffee.....
        But that's part of the adventure!


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          I have not done it, but have read others stories of crossing the big lake.
          They were in a trawler and bumped bottom several times.
          Hope your skeg is really short.
          good luck


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            Call Roland Martin or his wife at the marina on Okeechobee for the latest info. She is a really nice lady, by the way. When we called several years ago for advice, she told us to go the long way around (Key West) because the water level was too low for the draft of our boat. Really appreciated her honesty!


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