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Aquarius 21 what to look for

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  • Aquarius 21 what to look for

    Hi all,

    Looks like I'll be trading one of my Hobie 16's for a 1971 Aquarius 21. Any advice on what to look for on this boat that would be a deal breaker? Beyond the obvious gapping hole or big soft spots? Sounds like a great deal, boat, trailer, 5hp outboard for my Hobie and all it needs is cleaned from being in storage. Just want to make sure the deal isn't too sweet.


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    Is this the one in Glen Rose Texas ?

    The Aquarius 21 is pretty similar to the Catalina 22, just not as popular back in the day. A 40+ year old boat, so the effects of age are one of the biggest concern. You just want to make sure it is a complete boat with all the rigging, etc. Issues with the hull and deck as you mentioned. check the Internet for pictures and diagrams so you know what you are looking at in advance. The SailingTexas site has a lot of pics, etc., as you may have already been on that site.

    The swing keel is probably the biggest thing to check out to make sure it is operational and is in reasonably good shape. Fixing the keel can be a real headache, but probably worth it to get a functioning boat for small money.

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      Not sailboat specific, but there's some real good stuff in THIS topic.


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        Thanks for the replies everyone, southkogs that's a great sticky thread. I'm going to look at the boat tomorrow sometime, it's has been on the dry for 6 years so I'm not sure what to expect. The hobie I'll more than likely be trading for this one was on the dry for 23 years and besides the gel coat being shot she was like new but I know sitting isn't good on em


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          Hard part half the time is checkin' to see if all the riggin' is there. Sails are usually pretty easy to locate


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            Originally posted by southkogs View Post
            Hard part half the time is checkin' to see if all the riggin' is there. Sails are usually pretty easy to locate
            Right and wondering if something that's missing off a 45 year old boat is unique or generic. Be interesting if any hardware is interchangeable with a Hobie 16, got a big ole box of spares for em!
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              Also a big thanks to everyone ive talked to on here about my couple projects, everyone is so friendly! Ive been on a few other boating boards and guys can be real stuck up and generally unpleasant to someone who might not know as much as them. A+ for everyone


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                Well I didn't take the deal. The hull was decent, I was concerned with the transom, then I opened up the cockpit and it had a bunch of standing water and mold in it. Also you could clearly see the childhood home of about five generations of raccoons in the berths. I think it would have sailed ok but I want to get use out of the cabin, so I'm still in the market.


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                  What a pain that woulda' been to clean ... too many "ready-to-use" sailboats out on the market to deal with that.