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1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

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  • 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

    Hello all !

    It has been a good long time since my last post.

    My Merc 150 is running great. Thanks to all here at iboats.

    I got a sweat deal on a PWC. It was free ! 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX with trailer.

    I just had to "Pull it out of the way" For some folks that moved into the neighborhood.

    It was in the back of thier storage bldg.

    This has been sitting for 2 years and I was told that it was winterized before storage.

    I pulled it home and parked it this past winter and my girls are really wanting me to get it running.

    First off the things I have done so far:

    1. Pulled off all the shrink wrap.
    2. Pulled the spark plugs and dripped about 1/2 tea spoon full of Marvels in each cylinder.
    3. Pulled the fuel tank and replaced all hoses (grey one's)
    4. Pulled carbs and put new filters and such and gave them a good cleaning. Cleaned the fuel switch.
    5. Cut about 1/2 inch off each spark plug wire and put new "head" on them and new plugs.
    6. Opened up electrical box and replaced both the 15 amp fuse and the 5amp fuse.

    Upon inspection I have discovered that some of the wires are damaged and that they have been spliced on.
    The switches are not the stock ones.
    There is a toggle switch where the start button once was. Simple On and Off switch.
    The "Stop" button on the left side of the handlebars is now the "Start" button.
    The safety switch seems to be the only "Stock" one left with aftermarket lanyard "clip on" style.

    Ok here it goes nothing, Right ?
    No fuel hooked up at first. I can get it to turn over.
    Sounds great. No weird noises. Compression is 142 in 1st cylinder (closest to tank) and 144 in the other.
    Spark looks good and strong. I left the old plugs in with no wires hooked up. New plugs grounded at the block and spark is snapping a good strong blue color.

    Switch is in the "ON" position
    Choke is pulled
    fueled up,
    gas is on,
    I push the start button.
    It busts off and it smokes good.
    I let loose of the start button and it dies.

    As long as I push and hold the start button it runs.
    I turn loose of the start button and it runs for just a second maybe two then dies.
    It acts like it wants to run (If that makes any sense) Smoke comes out the back.

    I can "see" the gas go into the carb (clear fuel line)
    I have spark
    compression is good
    I have combustion (smoke)

    Any Ideas ?
    Maybe something Im missing ?

    I am thinking these spliced wires are not right.
    Is there supposed to be and ON/OFF switch ?

    second day scratching my head.

    None of my local ATV shops will work on this thing.

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    Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

    I believe that toggle switch is the culprit. My 97 GTX parts manual shows it to be an ON/OFF button. Might be best to buy one and reinstall with the correct wiring harness too.

    Could also be an incorrect wiring job since it's been hacked up. I would take note of all wires that have been changed AFTER acquiring a parts/service manual. That way you can compare your current wiring to what is illustrated in the manuals.

    I got my manuals free online. Just do a search and you should be able to get them.
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      Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

      I just bought a 99 GTX too. The guy i bought it from said you can run it only for a few sec then turn off or.... hook up garden hose in the back and you can run it. START THE SKI THEN TURN WATER ON, TURN WATER OFF THEN STOP SKI.

      I went online and downloaded the whole manual for free.
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      1999 GTX Sea-Doo


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        Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

        By holding the button in is keeping the circuit that keeps the engine running. The right OEM button has this function built in. That's why I suggested replacing it. I've been told this before by the dealer.
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          Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

          Thanks for the posts guys...
          I think I have the culprit.
          There are 2 wires that dont have anywhere to go. I found them loose under the fuel cell.
          There is a metal piece off of the main engine block closest to the handlebars under the seat that looks like it is a place holder for something to hang on. There is nothing there.
          I will try and post pictures later.

          Anyone know if there is a electronic circuit supposed to be there ?

          Still Bumfuzzled.


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            Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

            Ok It took me a few weeks to locate parts.

            I have the New OEM Starter switch and New OEM Safety switch (the one that the lanyard connects to)

            I have the wiring diagram from SeaDoo.net (www.seadoomanuals.net) and the microfiche from

            I am going to try and replace those tonight after work. Fingers are crossed.

            I got a new Iphone. I am going to try and upload pics in an attempt to make this easier for someone going thru the same headache.


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              Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

              I hate I ran out of daylight

              After all that bending over into that little hole to work on this thing. JEEZ, I know I am gonna feel that in my back in the morning.

              Posting to Say that we have a RUNNING Sea Doo !!

              One of the wires on the kill switch from the handlebars and one of the wires from the starter circut were switched around.

              One bad note I pulled the wire from the killswitch on the handlebars out of the rubber button. Now I have to find one of those.

              Taking it to the lake tomorrow to see if she does well on the water. If she does then I will bring her home and finish up making it pretty.

              I will post results after the trip to the lake.

              Thanks frozenokie you were right


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                Re: 1994 SeaDoo Bombardier GTX

                Question to the SeaDoo Guys:

                Do these SeaDoos have a rev limiter ?

                The One in this post and I also have a 1995 SPI that I have questions about.

                After starting and lining up, if I hit the throttle wide open to take off it stutters.

                I have ridden Motorcycles that have rev limiters and this is what it sounds like to me.

                If I "feather" into the throttle on the GTX it planes out nicely. But if I just go WOT it stutters.

                The SPI makes a "squeal" on take off.

                Both are running nicely and fire right up.