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1994 sportjet 90 regal rush

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  • 1994 sportjet 90 regal rush

    hey guys first of all great site.... i just bought a jet boat got a great deal on it ..but it suffers from the planing problem a s everyone has i knew this before buying but did alot of research and not posting this to ask y ..ive read alot of posts and know where to look ..im posting to ask a couple questions is the 94 the same as the 95 sport jet cause i did find the manual for a 95 but after today relized that they only made (none oil injected) in 94 so i obviously have a 94 power head as mine is non oil injected .(if anyone wants the pdf 95,96,97 manual let me know ) and if they are different does anyone have the manual for the 94??? im assumming the pumps would be the same and thats where i need to focus but id also like to know about my engine thanks ahead of time guys

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    Re: 1994 sportjet 90 regal rush

    I got an exact same boat bought a week before Christmas. Mine is oil injected.