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1995 Mercury Sport Jet

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  • 1995 Mercury Sport Jet

    I bought this jet boat the other day. The guys I bought it from said it ran on the lake about 4 months ago but wouldn't crank in the yard last month. So they took the Carbs off and that's where I'm at. First is where do I find the serial number? I'm not even sure what hp this engine is. Second when I put the carbs back on are there any specs on adjusting them? I'm a newbie at this. I understand how they work and figured out where all the parts go, just have never put them back together before.
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    Re: 1995 Mercury Sport Jet

    Ayuh,... Welcome Aboard,....

    I'm not sure what you've got,...
    At 1st, yer title says it's a jet drive, in which case, I'll move this to the Jetski forum, yer best shot at good answers...
    lookin' at yer pictures,...
    It looks like the dreaded L-drive...

    We'll try the Jetski forum, 'n see if there's any help there...


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      Re: 1995 Mercury Sport Jet

      Mine's the same engine from a Regal jet boat. Its a force mercury 90hp. Your best bet is to find someone to put it back. Chances are its not ruined. If it is, like mine. The seller talked a good show and I got suckered into it. But it might make a good winter project to restore it though.


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        Re: 1995 Mercury Sport Jet

        Your pics look exactly like my 94/95 Mercury 90HP sportjet. You may find the engine number on the top of the engine towards the back(plugs)side. Maybe it's under the flywheel cover(mine never had one) A couple of things to consider. When you say that you were told the engine wouldn't crank, that sounds like it wouldn't turn over with the starter switch, which could be any number of things but not the carburetors. Also the carburetor bowls in your picture are not the same, which seems odd. All of mine (and I think yours) are like the one pictured on the left with the rounder bowl. Also my carbs all have sequential part/casting# Which is of little consequence accept that the lowest carb is supposed to have a slightly larger Main fuel jet. Mine are 2x .070" and 1x .072"(lowest) but these numbers can vary depending on elevation of the body of water being boated. There is a procedure for adjusting the carbs but your not there yet. Unhook the battery, feel up under the flywheel for the magnets that are glued all around the outside edge. There are six of them and there is about a 1/2 inch gap between each, otherwise they fill the entire inside perimeter of the flywheel. Spray lube in the carb openings, hook up the battery and see if the engine cranks, check compression, then check for spark on all cylinders.

        When getting one of these engines there are several "gotchas" that you should be aware of. Following this proceedure first, will give you a better idea of the worst case scenario.

        good luck