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oil pump and adjusting it

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  • oil pump and adjusting it

    Hey ok so i tried to attach the oil pump cable and it was a success...now looking to adjust it any not really sure as the manual is not too clear
    any one have instructions?

    my problem that in mine there are 2 alignment marks!!
    one is lightly and the other mark is almost like a crack or indentation on the control lever...so which one am i supposed to align it with..here is a pic that i could find showing the view. as you can see in this one there is that big gap almost like its cracked/chipped on the control lever so is that the mark or is it to the left of that mark which in this pic it doesn't show but in mine when i look with the mirror there is a clear mark.

    now for adjusting...this engine hasn't run yet and i just installed the throttle and choke too...so now do i ensure its all adjusted properly and functioning they was its supposed to?

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    Re: oil pump and adjusting it

    After doing any repair or adjustment to the oil injection system you should pre mix your fuel until you verify by fuel/iol consumption ratios that you are geting proper lubrication. If not you will soon need a new engine. I charted mine for a whole season before I was comfortable enough to stop pre mixing my fuel. The engine parts are just too expensive to risk it.
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