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Seadoo Bogging Down Under Load

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  • Seadoo Bogging Down Under Load

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTI LE-RFI. Yesterday evening was running near full throttle at 52mph when rpm drop and speed drops to upper 30's. By the time I got back couple to dock after couple of miles, top speed was 20mph. put ski on lift and nothing around impeller. Can get full rpm's when on lift but as soon as lowered into water it Boggs down to about 850rpm under the load of water. Friend has said engine is llkely "blown" and needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Any other suggestions

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    Re: Seadoo Bogging Down Under Load

    Basically same thing happened to me and my 97 GP760 Yam. It lost compression on #1 and had same or similar symptoms I would do a compression check to be sure about what step to take next. Good compression... then you know you're OK as far as a top end rebiuld. Look at your plugs and they can tell you how you're engine was running - rich or lean or just right If plugs look abnormal like oily, carboned, or whitish in color, investigate your fuel mixture settings, oil delivery. Is your Seadoo a 2 or 4-stroke? I'm speaking from a 2-stroke side of things for the most part.
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