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89 Kawasaki x2 650 help

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  • 89 Kawasaki x2 650 help

    I picked up my first Jet Ski today. $50 (no trailer). I built a rolling stand to work on it in garage. The guy I bought it from said "just clean it up and put a new battery in and it should fire right up. I did just that! It had been sitting outside for 2 yrs. Fresh Gas , new plugs and battery. She fired right up. Lots of smoke and also a puddle of black oil from exhaust. Im assuming this is probably normal exhaust oil but it seemed like a lot.
    No idea if there is a flush port on this model or where it might be located. Any ideas?

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    Re: 89 Kawasaki x2 650 help

    they don't come from the factory with a flush fitting, but you can make one that hooks to the top of the head with an old garden hoze female end. Take off the inverted U shaped hose that goes from the exhaust manifold to the head and with the right fitting you can get at your local hardware store, hook up an old garden hose female end with at least 6 inches of hose still attached. Clamp the rubber hose to the fitting.

    When you are ready to run it out of the water for an extended period of time, just hook your regular garden hose up to the fitting on the jetski, start the jetski, then turn on the water. It doesn't need much more than a trickle to cool the engine -- you don't want the faucet fully open --- go with about 1/4 or so tops.
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      Re: 89 Kawasaki x2 650 help

      Thanks Slag!

      Got her flushed!

      Runs great and Idles fine! Gonna have to ride this thing once or twice and than sell it.
      These old x2's are for young guys! Im 51 and ready to sit down and ride! LOL