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1995 FourWinns Fling dying

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  • 1995 FourWinns Fling dying

    I am not sure if I am in the right space to post this, but I have a 1995 FourWinns Fling and I can Idle just fine but when I give it gas it dies. I check my ball and it has a little gas in it. What is wrong. Honestly I just bought the boat and nothing is working on it. Please help me

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    Re: Help

    "Nothing is working on it is a pretty strong statement". Usually when the squeeze bulb is soft, either the engine fuel pump isn't working properly, or the fuel tank vent is clogged such that fuel can't be sucked up into the engine by the engine's fuel pump.

    Do it again and squeeze the bulb. If you can squeeze it and get the engine to perform normally, check your fuel tank vent. If you squeeze it and get it firm and the engine still doesn't respond then you have an internal engine fuel delivery problem.

    Do it and get back on here.

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