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1995 Sport Jet 120

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  • 1995 Sport Jet 120

    I am having cavatation problem when you first start out for the day and after 15 minutes or so it will start to take off for the rest of the day. Replaced ride plate gasket last year. It will pull a tube with one spotter but add another person and will not plane out. Also using alot of gas and oil in this boat. It seems like it is sucking air from somewhere. I am fit to be tied with this boat. Just spent $600.00 on stator and cdi box to get it running

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    Re: 1995 Sport Jet 120

    Not sure I'm reading this right. Just to be sure, it takes off fine for the first 15 minutes but then has cavitation problems? Any obstructions (even a leaf or piece of debris) on the intake grate will cause cavitation quickly. If the water has much debris this may be the source of the issue.

    What type of boat is it in? I believe the smaller fiberglass boats show a lot of benefit from Trim tabs.

    Jet boat set-ups are not as economical as props, but if you're not running full throttle you should be ok on fuel consumption.