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98 Turbojet

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  • 98 Turbojet

    I have a 98 4 Winns Fling (turbojet) with a 115 hp OMC engine. (115TJEUC).
    I picked up a "flush kit"(0437021) from my local dealer. It is threaded for hose and a has a half inch stem at a 90 degree angle with two grooves for O rings. I came home and am looking for the port/hose/inlet. The only thing I see is an open hole at the top of the jet housing an inch to the right of the jet actuation linkage. The hole is a tad too small for the flush nipple to be inserted. Is this the right spot/part. Hints...suggestions?
    Thx much

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    Re: 98 Turbojet

    Did the kit not come with picture instructions? You have to take the prop housing unit off the back of the turbojet. When you do, there is a hole on top that the kit fits in perfectly. You then push the housing back on (but not completely) to hold the hose and flushing kit in place.
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