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sport jet 90 in a baja

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  • sport jet 90 in a baja

    I have inherited a small baja with a sport jet 90 in it upon checking it out, found it has no compression in bottom cylinder, pulled the power head, pulled head, looks like cylinder a pin keeper or something. haven't decided what to do yet but i understand there was also a 120 then. will a 120 bolt on in the same place and hook up like the 90? i think i may have a good lead on a 120 (good engine, wrecked boat) theres quite a bit of room under the hatch (120=4cyl) anybody know? thanks, ron

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    Re: sport jet 90 in a baja

    It will require some mods to fit , also remember that the 90 hp jet drive is 1:1.15 ratio and 120 drives are 1:1 So to get the speed of the 120 you will need the jet drive also .
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