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1995 sea rayder question

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  • 1995 sea rayder question

    Hi guys new to this forum.

    after reading up on this boat (1995 sea rayder with mercury 90) i've have been able to find so much useful information from you guys, but i havent been able to find an answer for this question.

    if i replace the black stator with the new and improved red stator do I have to change out anything else, or is it pretty much plugg in play with the red one?

    does anyone have a cost estimate? did I mention I'm also new to owning a boat

    any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: 1995 sea rayder question

    The black to red stator should be a kit. It includes the red stator, an 'adapter', wire cap, and some other components.

    I believe there were some issues with the Voltage Regulator matching the change as the red stator is 16amp charging vs. the 9amp black stator.

    Look for a number on the voltage regulator and post it up. Also the serial number from your engine will be needed as the '95 year had 2 ranges of serial numbers.

    Kend301 will hopefully advise if it the regulator needs to be changed.

    I don't remember the price, but if you've run the tests from the stickey at top of this forum (if not, test and post results) and isolated to the stator be prepared to replace additional components. The ignition system failure tends to have 'cascading' effects!


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      Re: 1995 sea rayder question

      easy to tell if the mounting bolt holes are flush with the top of the regulator body .. new style reg , if they are cut down to just mount ot on the block it must be replaced .
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        Re: 1995 sea rayder question

        thanks guys im picking up the boat on sunday. I'll take some pics and post them up.


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          Re: 1995 sea rayder question

          ok I finally pick it up and took some pics. I hope you guys can give me your input.
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