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can i start it w/ the ride plate off?

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  • can i start it w/ the ride plate off?

    Need a new ride plate and grate, so the old ones are currently off

    I have been trying to start it in the driveway (flush kit attached), but have only been able to get it to idle for about 5 seconds

    Could this be because of a lack of back-pressure from not having the ride plate installed?

    (working with fresh fuel, new plugs, and pulled the carbs/cleaned the bowls)

    also, if i crack the throttle open while attempting starting, it seems to want to start easier

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    Re: can i start it w/ the ride plate off?

    Yes you can but do not try to use the boat in the water as no rideplate will deflect water away from the water cooling system intake for the engine while the boat is moving .

    You need to isolate your problem , you need spark , compression , fuel and proper timing for a motor to run . Start it and once it quits , check for spark and then pull the fuel line off the lower carb and check fuel flow . Also pull the plugs and see if they are wet with gas or dry .
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      Re: can i start it w/ the ride plate off?

      compression is 120 on 1, 125 on 2, and 125 on 3

      i get spark on all three plugs

      I did pull the fuel delivery line today and it was pumping fuel while turning over

      Also checked the plugs again, damp with some fuel... dunno if i would say they were wet enough to be fouled? but i am also not familiar with surface gap plugs

      it seems as if when i let it sit for a moment between starting attempts, that the next attempt is the best... almost as if fuel vapor is building up enough to try to ignite?

      I did notice however, that the plug wire arrangement is odd for an engine that fires 1-2-3. My top coil goes to cyl 1, my 2nd coil goes to cyl 3, and the bottom coil goes to cly 2. I cannot find a good picture of another setup but think ill try swapping wires 2 and 3?? i have no idea about the qualifications of the person who last worked on it. seems like a long shot but i will try it at this point

      will try what you recommended here next:


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        Re: can i start it w/ the ride plate off?


        That would be at least one of the problems. The firing order is 1, 2, 3.

        The spark plug wires should go in the same order respectively.


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          Re: can i start it w/ the ride plate off?

          OMG! I cannot believe it was that simple. I swapped the wires and it fires right up and runs beautifully (but noisy on only 1 exhaust baffle)

          Lesson: Always haggle the seller down when he says "he's worked on it" himself lol

          I might get on the water this season after all!

          Thanks guys! Everyone's been a huge help on here