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Davit Crane for lifting a PWC onto a dock?

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  • Davit Crane for lifting a PWC onto a dock?

    Has anyone ever used a davit crane to lift a PWC out of the water onto their dock? These things have arms of 4.5'-8', rotate 360 degrees, 1000lb capacity, $60-100 ebay pricetag (plus shipping), and operate via a manual hydraulic crank. The main market for davit cranes seems to be for pickup truck beds, but they can also mount to docks, and with the right harness, can safely lift a PWC out of the water to place on some kind of skids on the dock.

    Here's what I'm talking about:




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    Re: Davit Crane for lifting a PWC onto a dock?

    Nevermind. To work, I'd need to get a crane with two things:
    1. 4.5+ foot boom (actual length, without all the cheating stuff some of them do)
    2. 1000+ lift capacity (with boom fully extended).

    None of those cranes actually meet my criteria. While they do support 1000 lbs, they only support that kind of weight when the boom is at its minimum length. Boom extended, they only support 250 pounds or so...

    I'm still looking for PWC lifts or floating ramps. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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      Re: Davit Crane for lifting a PWC onto a dock?

      I would contact a company that specializes in boat lifts in your area. They would have a davit capable of lifting the weight of a PWC with rotating capability. You need something with a far more substantial base, or something that is designed to bolt securely and evenly to a piling. Expect to pay far more than $60 to $100 though.
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        Re: Davit Crane for lifting a PWC onto a dock?


        There are lots of manufacturers that make PWC lifts for docks, check these out for info, then look for used ones. We live in S. Florida and there are always used ones for sale. The last one is a drive on PWC storage unit:





        I've used them all, I actually like the single piling PWC boatlift, it swings 180 degrees+ so you can work on it, on the dock. Good luck!


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          Re: Davit Crane for lifting a PWC onto a dock?

          I would say try a Foam Filled PWC or Boat Dock with the plastic shell on the outside we call them Jet ski Floats or Watercraft Docks. Hmm I guess you could call it a boat lift. These prices are good