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1994 Yamaha wave raider

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  • 1994 Yamaha wave raider

    New here,, picked up 1994 wave raider can't find a owners manual , how do you flush or where is the port to do that

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    There is no port to flush the engine on this ski. I think that you can buy a flush kit for it but here is what I do: I take the water inlet hose apart at the fitting where the hose goes over the driveshaft. I wish I had a picture of it that I could post so you could see it. I then install a flush fitting that connects to a garden hose and I'm able to flush the engine.

    After flushing, I remove the flush fitting and reconnect the hose and tighten the stainless steel hose clamp. I'll try to take a picture over the Memorial Day weekend and post it.
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