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PWC Oil Leak

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  • PWC Oil Leak

    Yamaha 2004 FX Cruiser HO. Oil problem. Running well at 50 mph then chocked down and stalled. Warning light on. Got to marina. Noticed oil was low. Added 3 quarts. Checked it later, all oil had drained from the motor into the bilge. Any idea about this type of leak? What is involved in the repair?

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    If the Yam is anything like the Doo, the tank is cracked, but could also be a hose. As with all boats, its hard to work on but can be done
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      so. I’m very familiar with this particular ski. My fiend has the fx140 and I have the fxho (160). Both are versions of the Yamaha mr1 engine.
      The single most common problem we see with these skis is people with oil issues. It is 9/10 times due to oil over fill.
      Basically the oil tank with the dip stick is an oil collection tank. It is not the sump. What happens is that people dip the tank when cold and see there is no oil showing on the stick. They panic and add oil.
      The tank should only show a reading after the engine has been ran for at least 2/3 minutes. Then it will show a reading.
      Although the oil system will hold about 4 quarts, you can only get about just over 2 quarts out of it on an oil change. So you can only get just over 2 quarts of fresh oil back in. Any more and you will over fill. The oil then spews back out it and saturated the air filter. Causes poor running and occasionally even engine failure. If you have put 3 quarts in in any circumstances it’s at least 1 quart too much.


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        QBhoy, that's a great writeup concerning the oil situations of those skis. I've read some about them on the two other pwc forums but yours is the most informative.

        Moe, let us know what's going on with your ski.
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