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2011 Yamaha VX Deluxe 1100

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  • 2011 Yamaha VX Deluxe 1100

    My brother had this sled at Lake Erie, anchor close to shore. Storm came in over night & rolled it. Found it upside down w/ water in the compartment. His buddy said he'd take it home, dry it out, & try to blow the water out of the engine. Not sure he did, W/ the obvious engine issues, is this worth saving? Electrical connections? Starter? etc. Thanks is advance.

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    Sea water or fresh? Can’t see any photos. Does the engine turn by hand at least ? If it does then go for it.


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      Lake Erie is a freshwater Great Lake so I'm presuming the internal components are good. I'll try to turn the motor by hand & re-calculate from there.


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        bigbryan, you'll want to get all the water out of the engine asap. If it were me, I'd pull all the plugs and try to turn the motor over either by hand or preferably via the starter.

        I'm going to assume that water is in the oil as well? If so, I'd get that oil/water out of there before I spun the engine over otherwise the water will mix with the oil and the resulting milkshake will be a real hassle to flush out!
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