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2 Stroke oil?

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  • 2 Stroke oil?

    I recently bought a used 2 stroke Kawasaki jet ski for my wife. The previous owner used only Quicksilver PWC Synthetic 2 stroke oil mixed with Yamaha ring free and non ethanol gas.We also have a 20' Chris Craft Seaskiff with a Johnson 150 Ocean Pro that I only use Johnson/ Evinude XD50 in. My question is that I would rather use just the J/E XD50 in the pwc instead of the Quicksilver oil and the ring free since my understanding is that the XD50 has additives that do about the same thing, good or bad idea?

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    While never owned a Kaw I have owned others, and I use the same synthetic mix in everything. Maybe a Kaw guy will come along with an opinion
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      XD50 is for pre-mix. XD100 is what is used for oil injection motors. I believe both are semi-syn, not pure syn.

      Personally, all my 2-strokes run XD50 - simply the best oil I ever used.

      If your Kawi is injected, use what they recommend. In that case if it were me I would not change the formula. I have personally had problems mixing 2 types of oil in the oil tank. But then again, most are compatible, some aren't. So, if you think its OK go for it and tell us what happens.
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        If you know what he used I'd stick to it...if you are adamant then make sure the Johnson oil is TCW3 I think is the rating. The prev owner of my Jetski used full-syn Pennzoil so I continued that trend...although i did recently switch to the blend Pennzoil due to the full-syn being hard to find...I believe the factory Kawi oil is a blend.


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          Originally posted by JimS123 View Post
          XD50 is for pre-mix. XD100 is what is used for oil injection motors. I believe both are semi-syn, not pure syn

          XD50 is a synthetic blend which is usable as a premix, in VRO and any premixing fuel-oil system, in Japanese Oil Injection systems and in Direct Injection engines(FICHT, E-tec, and Optimax). A very good oil, on par with Mercury/Quicksilver semi synthetic.
          XD100 is a full synthetic that was designed for the DI engines and in the case of the E-tec and G2 engine allow for the ECM to be reprogrammed to use less oil. I consider it one of the best, if not the best, outboard oil made.


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            You don’t need to run the synthetic stuff through this engine. That particular stuff was made to keep the DI seadoo guys happy. With their di they used to have to run the seadoo stuff or nothing until quicksilver and a few others came up with this.
            Any good TCW3 oil will be perfect. If anything I’d say stay away from synthetic on simple engines like this.