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96 seadoo xp, not getting fuel

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  • 96 seadoo xp, not getting fuel

    Hi all, I have a 96 seadoo xp that is not getting fuel. I have rebuilt the carbs, changed the fuel lines and replaced the fuel switch and the pick-up filter. It seems to have a lot of air in the fuel lines, could this be the problem? Thanks for any help!

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    Not a total expert on these older seadoo's only really had a 951 di model but.....
    It's quite common to see folk fitting priming bulbs on the line between tank and carbs. My yam GP800r has it and helps massively when starting, because I always run it out of fuel after each use by shutting the fuel valve when retrieving at the ramp.
    That said...if you are getting air in the fuel lines, it might suggest that you are drawing air through an open to atmosphere leak....like the fuel filter inlet and outlet not being tight enough. Have a look and make sure the pipes are all tight.
    Either that or your fuel pump, feed to carbs or carbs are/ is drawing air.


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      Thanks for the info, I will check further for leaks. It just doesn't seem right that there is air in the fuel lines to me.


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        Found the leak. It was the rubber adapter on top of the fuel baffle. Fixed that and pumped it up to 5psi , held for 20 mins.


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          Excellent. What is the fuel bottle ? And was it an air drawing problem right enough ?