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120 Sport jet - no power

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  • 120 Sport jet - no power

    I have a 95 sugar sand with a sport jet 120. The thing stopped running so I cleaned out the carbs and found a needle was destroyed, after I put it back together took spark plugs out, cranked it to get any bad gas out, drained tank, put new gas in.. it started right up. I took it on the lake about a month after that, was running good. Then I made a quick turn, went straight slowed down then it stalled. Took a few cranks for it to start, It then sounded like when you get seaweed in the grate and there was no power. I dove in and looked, nothing in there. Anyways, I had to keep it at alittle above idle speed to get back to the dock. A little more info: I have cleaned plenty of carbs, these were not bad but had some black in them, maybe from fuel lines idk. The ride plate on this thing could use a new seal ( I usually just put some sealant around it were it's worn). Also, when I took the boat out it didn't want to steer that great until I was probably going 20mph or so. I looked at the wear ring and propeller thing and they seem good enough, no big gouges or anything. I have never changed any oil other than the 2 stroke either.. anyone have any ideas of what I should check?

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    I would check compression
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      Lose the sportjet it is hopelessly a lemon.Ignition ,carburation and ignition all 1960 crap.Do yourself a favor give it away or sink it


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        Second the compression check.
        Would also check for water ingress through exhaust by having a look at the plugs.
        If nothing else...check the plugs at least. Often need changed or cleaned regularly on a 2 stroke.