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1999 Yamaha XL760 Stalls at Full Throttle

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  • 1999 Yamaha XL760 Stalls at Full Throttle

    I have a 1999 Yamaha XL760 and it stalls when I go full throttle. I have
    - replaced all fuel filters even the one in the carb
    - I rebuilt the carb
    - replaced all fuel lines.
    - compression at 140 and 150 psi.
    -bypassed vent
    -fuel system is basically new except needle and seat and they looked good.

    And there is no change. Please help.

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    not familiar with PWC, but based on that description...I would suspect a timing issue. I imagine like most other engines...the more air you put into it, the more advance the motor has to be with a max advance somewhere around 3000-4000....

    If the motor is not advancing then the motor would lug...maybe not stall....but....

    I'll subscribe to see the outcome.

    How is timing done on these machines? Is there a magnet on the flywheel to denote crank position, and to trigger the ignition? I imagine there is a stator to provide voltage (300-400v) range to some CDI components, right?
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      Is the new fuel filter running not only the right direction, but also the correct way up ? There is an arrow for fuel flow direction, but also the way up it should be. Fooled me once and had the same symptoms.
      Previous to this, I also put a normal in line fuel filter on it and it did the same. Fitted a oem yamaha one and it worked. Think they need a certain way of flowing. If you look at the oem filter it has a very distinctive shape and function.
      Good luck.


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        Also check the fuel tank pick up pipe and lines are clear. Would cause same symptoms.