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yamaha waverunner issue

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  • yamaha waverunner issue

    My friend has a yamaha xlt 1200 jet, it used to run just fine until the end of last season when the jet started pulling air, when you throttle it up, there is a loud banging noise when the impeller is sliping and it cant grip the water, it was at 2 different shops, they said it is all ok, and it should run, we put it back in the water today and the same thing, it only wants to get out at the most lower trim setting, once it grips the water and gets on plain, it runs just fine, but when you stop and want to get out again, it starts catching air again and having trouble plaining out

    I think that the impeller is somehow damaged, but just wanted to check if someone has some other idea before we start removing it, and changing it

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    Have you checked the gap between the impeller and wear ring?