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1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

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  • 1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

    Hello all, I have a 9.9 gamefisher that recently purchased a new prop for. Sears parts direct no longer carries the shear pin for it and I am not sure on the correct specs for it. I was thinking of just putting a piece of steel rod in it but could not find any that fit snugly. As of now, I have a tension pin in it that seems to fit pretty good, but I am not sure if it will be strong enough, I definitely dont want to loose ky brand new prop. If anyone has any knowledge on this, I would greatly appreciate it.

    thanks in advance, Lang

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    Re: 1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

    Wasn't the motor made by Force? You should be able to look up the shear pins for a 1988 Force 9.9 and it should be the same thing.

    Marine Engine.com lists them as in stock. Just Google Force Outboard motor parts to see a number of suppliers.
    Have a nice day!


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      Re: 1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

      Is the prop hub splined? If so, all that's needed is a cotter pin to hold on the nose cone and prop.

      My 89 7.5HP Force/Gamefisher uses a cotter pin for the prop.
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        Re: 1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

        I've used a piece of 1/8 inch brass rod for shear pin material....you want a softer metal that will "shear" before your prop/gears/drive shaft....


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          Re: 1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

          Just summarizing what you have been told and showing my agreement:

          If there is no mechanism to hold the prop to the shaft, a BRASS pin will be necessary. If you can't find a rod of suitable diameter, get the dimension and purchase a long brass screw that has a smooth portion prior to the threads and cut it to fit.

          If the prop shaft is splined, the spline takes the place of the pin so all you need is a cotter pin to hold the nut in place.

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            Re: 1988 9.9 gamefisher prop shearpin

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            ALL Chrysler and Force engines from the 1960s to 1990s used a splined prop shaft. If your Gamefisher is indeed a Force, then the prop is located on the shaft by a thrust pin. This pin keeps the prop from sliding back under load and contacting the bearing carrier.

            A cotter pin will do temporarily but is certainly not the best solution. I forget the exact size of the pin, but it is either 1/8 or 3/16 inch diameter. It is a loose slip fit in the holes of the prop and shaft. You can use any stainless bar of the correct diameter. I like to use a long stainless screw with the threads and head cut off.

            On my little 50 horse go-fast, since vibration either broke the tail cone or cone retaining cotter pin, I did something different. The tail cone worked off and when I slowed down, the thrust pin came out. I lost the prop. THUS: I replaced the thrust pin with a 1/4 diameter Allen head bolt and a nylock nut. I also replaced the tail cone with a 1/2 inch nylock nut. You can do the same with smaller hardware on your 9.9.
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