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What prop is this really

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  • What prop is this really

    Part number on prop is 48-73132-10.

    One site shows: 15 DEGREE PROGRESSIVE PITCH -- Used on Mercury outboards, 35 HP through 140 HP. Usually have a 3 inch progressive pitch. Stainless steel and aluminum propellers. Doesn't mention diameter.

    Is currently on a 1999 40HP Force (pushing 20 ft pontoon). Might be slipping and if so need to replace.

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    Re: What prop is this really

    Pitch is expressed in inches. Usually the number at the end is the pitch 10 Might be for a pontoon.
    Usually slip is the difference between theoretical speed and actual speed. Expressed in a %.ie.10 % slip.
    The prop losing grip is ventilation The prop becomes air fouled.
    If the prop is defective with a bad hub its called a spun hub. Ventilation and a spun hub seem the same
    but ventilation may happen at at different speeds or triggered by waves,while a spun hub usually happens at roughly the same power range.You can check the hub by putting a water proof line across the hub and doing a test run.Line will be broken if hub is bad..
    If a smallish prop probably a new prop is more cost affective.
    Pretty sure the 99 Force uses a Merc prop and has a Merc leg.