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can not get on plain

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  • can not get on plain

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    Re: can not get on plain

    Increasing pitch will slow the hole shot even more.First thing I think of on an older boat is
    water absorbed by the hull, or foam under the floor.If the boat was stored out side carelessly
    over long periods this is possible.Do you know the manufacturers dry weight of the boat?
    What size and material?
    One way to check is to weigh the boat and subtract the motor and gear etc.
    If the batteries are in the stern move them forward even temporarily to see if it helps.
    Even just to the midsection would help.
    The foils are kind of a bandaid over a poor setup and should be considered last resort.
    The motor is probably a little undersized. Is the antivent plate(just above the prop) about even with the bottom of the boat.A 15" prop should be about normal for your setup .
    Be sure you trim down for hole shot.
    A 4 blade prop in the same pitch should help the hole shot cost more than a foil but do a better job.And should lower the rpm slightly.


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      Re: can not get on plain

      Move weight forward first. That will make a substantial difference. The foils are a bandaid but you have an old inexpensive boat and they are a very effective inexpensive fix. There are several types and can cost about $50. Other than that, listen to steelespike.