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832834A45P23 what's the Dia. & Pitch????

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  • 832834A45P23 what's the Dia. & Pitch????

    Hey guys, I found these numbers on my prop & am wondering what the diameter & pitch is on it? I have done a little research & believe that it is a 14 x 23pitch prop?

    I have a 21.5 ft. Tahoe deckboat with a 4.3 liter carbed mercruiser. I have dinged up my prop pretty good & am willing to purchase a new one now. For the most part we mainly just cruise around & pull tubes.

    Can anyone give me any ideas or suggestions on a prop? From brand, to diameter, pitch, aluminum, stainless, 3 or 4 blade?????

    Last time I was tubing I had 5 adults & 4 kids in the boat & when trying to pull the tube it did feel like there was strain to get it moving.

    Of course I am looking for a good happy medium... I think I definitely need some more low end power for tubing & holeshot, but would not like to take too much off the top????

    All suggestions are very much appreciated.

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    Re: 832834A45P23 what's the Dia. & Pitch????

    Your pitch is 23, and diameter is 14ish - less important

    generic recomendations:

    TP Hustler for all around use with strong midrange and top end
    Solas Amita4 is another good all around prop, but has a stronger hole shot and is better for watersports.

    If you want anything more specific you need to read the stickies and get us the information needed - otherwise we just take wild guesses - with your money