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propeller for mercury 20 HP 1976

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  • propeller for mercury 20 HP 1976

    My boat and outboards:

    - Princecraft Pro Series 162 DLX 1997 with 50HP Johnson 1997

    -BRIG D330 10'10 2011 with Mariner 15HP 1994

    -Johnson 4.5HP 1983

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    Re: propeller for mercury 20 HP 1976


    They make a 9x9 3 blade or a 9x11 2 blade for your engine.
    The 11"Pitch used to be the std prop but when the false floor and cushy seats came along Merc dropped the pitch down to compensate for the added weight of the boat. If you AL hull is of the bare floor type you can run the 11" with no problems. There is not much of a selection for the old 20's anymore that I know of. I do not know if the newer 3 bladed props will fit with the same spline. I never tried it. I think the hubs are a different length and a different thrust hub.
    Michigan Wheel may make a prop for your engine still if Merc does not.
    This is free internet advice.

    Have Fun,