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  • Prop selection

    Any recommendations would be very much appreciated

    1) Performance issue you are trying to correct.

    Need quicker acceleration for watersports (wakeboarding and skiing)

    2) Current prop manufacturer, model, aluminum or stainless and as a minimum.

    Mercury Aluminium 48-832834-C1-23

    3) Current prop diameter and pitch (required).

    14 inch 23 pitch

    4) Wide open throttle RPM and speed with an average load (very helpful)

    48 mph @ 5000 rpm

    5) Engine/drive make, model, year, and HP

    1998 GM 4.3 V6 190 HP

    6) Boat make model, year, length and weight

    2000 Ebbtide 188 Campione, 2600 lbs empty

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    Re: Prop selection

    four blade props work best for watersports i would put a 20" pitch 4 blade ss should put you in the 4800 4900 range great hole shots and slower planing speeds


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      Re: Prop selection

      I pretty much have the same sit up as you do in my sea ray. I have the same prop also. I had a problem over reving my rpm's which sounds like what you are doing if your at 5000rpm at wot. That is a little high. Should be 4800rpm. Check the back of your tach and make sure the needle on back of tach is in the right spot. Mine was off a tad bit and when i adjusted it i know get 4800rpm instead of 5000rpm with the 23 pitch prop.
      1995 Sea Ray 180 Signature
      4.3lx 4brrl (205hp)