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Another Prop Question

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  • Another Prop Question

    Hi to all...........

    I'm looking to buy a spare prop for the vessel I purchased this full. I just want to be ready for the new season in the spring. Buying through the net is a lot cheaper than locally.

    The boat is a Bayliner 2355 1995 with a Mercruiser 305 (V8 that develops about 200hp).
    Outdrive is an Alpha 1 Gen II with a ratio of 1.65.

    The present prop on the outdrive carries the model number #832830A45P19 Mercury.

    By searching the model number on the internet, correct me if I'm wrong, I understand that this prop is a 14.5" prop with a 19 pitch.

    I don't know if it's the original size prop or if it was changed by the previous owner.

    I cannot supply wot rpm because the boat was never but in water yet.

    The question is.......
    1-Can anyone recommend a prop with the information given?
    2- Or does anyone have the same boat ...if so what prop do you have?
    3- Or should I get a different pitch so I can change the prop depending on the load.....(not sure how that works thought)?
    4- Or should I just wait to put it in the water next year to see how it handles with the present prop....

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Another Prop Question

    Don't think it is possible to say for sure which prop is right for your boat as this may vary between seemingly identical boats. As you haven't tried your current prop yet either, there's no way saying if it's right or wrong.

    The only way to find the right prop is to try them out, or at least have the performance (i.e. WOT RPM) with a known prop as a starting point. Anything else will be guesswork - although someone experienced or with a very similar set-up (boat/engine/load) may guess quite closely.


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      Re: Another Prop Question

      I wouldn't buy anything until you have run what you have.See how it responds to your needs.Then you can make a much better choice.


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        Re: Another Prop Question

        I think that makes a lot of sense....................I'll get back to you people in the spring to let you know how the present prop preforms...........