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Walleyehed's Prop Test Results

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    Re: Walleyehed's Prop Test Results

    Hey Walleyehed, I have read quite a few of your posts, and it seems as though you are pretty familiar with the various stainless props out there. I have a Regal 2100 bowrider with a Volvo Penta 270 hp, 5.0 L engine. I recently ordered a 19 P stiletto online, and they sent me a Turbo 1 prop instead?? Would you know how these props compare, and if the Turbo 1 is a decent prop? Compared to the Stiletto.

    Thanks for your help.



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      Re: Walleyehed's Prop Test Results

      quote:Prop #1. Turbo1 19P........0-30mph 2.9 secs 0-50mph 7.5 secs. Top speed 53.7mph 5950RPM 10.5% slip
      #2. Apollo 19P Large blade....0-30mph 2.9 sec 0-50 7.9 secs. Top speed 52.6 5910RPM 11.1% slip
      #3. Enertia 18P.......0-30mph 2.8 secs. 0-50mph 7.7 secs Top speed 53.1mph 6020RPM 7.85% slip
      #4. Enertia 19P.......0-30mph 2.9 secs. 0-50mph 7.5 secs. Top speed 54.4mph 5990RPM 9.4% slip
      #5. Mirage+ 19P.....0-30mph 3.1 secs. 0-50mph 8.0 secs. Top speed 52.4mph 5960RPM 11.7% slip
      #6. Vengeance 19P..0-30mph 3.0 secs. 0-50mph 7.9 secs. Top speed 52.4mph 5970RPM 12% slip

      What am I missing here? The Enertia 19 met or beat the 3 props listed above it, and the Enertia 18p really kicked a** except for top speed. Yet the Apollo won the shoot-out? Please explain.



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        Re: Walleyehed's Prop Test Results

        hibbert6, read again....

        "Final placing....
        MWC Apollo 19P large-blade

        0-30mph..........4-way tie as the second quickest in acceleration.
        0-50mph..........4-way tie as well, but number 4 to 50mph...not bad considering the props tested
        Top speed.........Only 1.8mph slower than the fastest 19P tested
        Ave. slip ratio........10.74%, #3 in comparison to all 19P's tested.

        This is just a comparison of "some" 18-20P props and not all fall into the same catagory.
        I feel the Apollo has the ability to be above average in performance and is targeted at the medium price-range of the SS market and I see that it hits that mark in performance and price.

        Where did I say it was Top-Dog? I said it hits the mark of the intended market.
        Folks need to get away from the numbers produced by 1 prop on 1 boat. The rules of thumb have changed drastically in the last 2-3yrs. Manufacturers are building target-specific props that are terrible performers on mis-applications, yet less and less people are qualified to make recommendations. There are specialty shops around the country that have the firm upper hand on real-world help, yet some dealers of outboards or I/O's have the least experience of all.
        Do your research before buying. I just ran a new design from Solas in a 25P that dropped my WOT rpm from 6050 (E-TEC 200H.O.) with a 23P to 5375rpm with the 25.....Same design, same day, same load. Speed dropped 3mph too...does that mean it's junk?? No, it means I need to change design criteria.
        The only Roar you hear when running a 'Rude is the Roar of finely-tuned excuses in your wake


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          Re: Walleyehed's Prop Test Results

          Current Build - SN SS160 1668 Walleye Project


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            I enjoyed the prop test results from you walleye heads. I'm new to the forum but am also a walleye dude. It would look to me like the differences in props are minor...I have found the same but getting both pitch, diameter & rpm are the ticket. I currently have a Crestliner 1600 Sportfish with a 1999 Force outboard. Very happy with the performance 5200-5250 rpm WOT lite load allows me to run a 22p SS Lazer II. I've been involved competitive motor sports for about 40 years and would like to be a part of helping with various topics.