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20’ Pontoon pitch

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  • 20’ Pontoon pitch

    Recently purchased a 20’ pontoon with a 40 hp. Switched to a 75hp Mercury. The pontoon will run 18/19 mph on a 19 pitch three blade prop only turning 4000rpms. What pitch do I need and 3/4 blades. Thanks in advance.

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    3 or 4 cylinder 75HP?
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      A rough guess would be a 12p 4 blade. Try the mercury prop finder.


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        2 stroke or 4 stroke engine?

        3 blade if speed is your objective, 4 blade if max thrust is the better plan.

        19p obviously way to big.
        Our Honda 90 on our lightly loaded 24' toon likes a 15p 3 blade (5500/26mph), or for neck jerking hole shot (pulling), a 13p works good (6100/24mph).

        A similar 75 on a lightly loaded 'toon should work good with one of those props, or maybe with an inch less pitch. Noteworthy maybe, is that the 4 strokes sound kinda busy when run at max rpm (6000). Sound MUCH better and are sometimes faster when set up at 5500.


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          3 cylinder/2stroke


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            Wanting to pull the kids. Maybe try skiing


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              You may be OK with smaller kids on skis, but I would plan on lots of tubing.

              I'd be tempted to try an inexpensive (Solas) 13-14p alum. 4 blade with the idea it should be close. You may end up having to buy a second prop to nail it.


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                ive got a 20 ft toon with a 115 4 stroke on it. got a 15p 3 blade on it
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