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  • Prop Options 232

    Just got a new boat it’s a 97 Rinker 232 7.4 bravo 3. I have a 28p prop is that the correct prop boat seems to be slow out of the hole and won’t go above 4000 rpm. What props are people running on there 232

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    Sounds a little high, but not sure if your ratio. Perhaps not high enough to only see 4000 rpm wot and trimmed up, if all else is healthy. I’m aware of a maxum 2400 with similar power from its MPI 350 with a bravo 3. It has 26” props and will see 5000 rpm and 49/50 mph most days. Also like a rocket ship out the hole for a boat this size.
    But it will come down to tour gear ratio. That aside I’d ask after the health of your engine, or otherwise, what kind of load you have on board and if you are trimming her up at the top end to see the hull out the water and running at its best. Good luck.