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    Ok, Got the 23p installed and took it out today. WOT rpm's were at 5100 with 1 person, about 50lbs of fishin gear and got her up to about 57.5mph on GPS. No slipping what so ever, still smooth as heck like the 19p prop and was really happy all around with the prop and performance. Was hoping to break 60mph but there's only so fast a 150hp will get her. Thanks again for all the help.


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      You are a bit overpropped, IMO. Check WOT RPM with 2 or 3 people and see what you get.

      A 21P prop would put you in the 5500 RPM, plus you might gain a few more RPMs by being more in the power curve.


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        Returned the 23P and finally got my 21P in today and put on the motor. Taking it out next Tuesday (18th) and will report back with all the details.


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          Ok, went out yesterday with 2 people, full gear using the 21p prop. I wasn't to happy with the performance right off the bat but it could just be me needing to readjust how I drive to the new prop. At certain times while driving it felt like it wasn't grabbing the water like it should. I normally drive where its throwing up just a tiny little rooster tail, like just barely throwing up water when I'm at WOT. As the day went on I kept my trim a little lower and it felt good. With 2 of us in the boat I was at 5500rpm's @ 53-54mph. Which is only 3 mph less than when I had the 23p prop. I'm gonna go out next Tuesday by myself so I have a better reference on the prop because normally it's just me by myself. This time I had 2 adults with all our gear. If by myself I'm still noticing it not grabbing like I should I'm gonna get that 23p prop back. They're the same brand, same model of props just different pitches.


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            deleted, as my question was answered in the previous post


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              You'll probably overrev with a 21p by yourself. As long as you get 5000rpm with 2 people and gear, I'd say you're good.


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                With a 23p by myself I got to 51-5200 rpm's @ WOT aprox 58mph.
                With a 21p with 2 adults and aprox 50lbs of gear I got to 5500 rpm's @ WOT aprox 54mph.

                The 21p right from launch just felt "Weird". Hard to explain but it just didn't feel like the other props, it almost felt like I didn't have the prop seated correctly or something. It is seated correctly, I ran it for a few hours that day and felt better as the day went on and I adjusted how I drove it. I verified installation after I pulled the boat out of the water as well. Even with the 19p prop it felt to grab the water better and didn't feel like it slipped at all. The 23p felt smooth like the 19p. The 21p is the only one that felt different but the 1 thing that was different between all 3 is that with the 21p I had 2 people onboard. So I'm gonna take it out this coming Tuesday by myself and see if that's the difference.

                But if I'm hitting 5500 rpm with 2 people I think the rpm's could go to high by myself. We'll see...


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                  Originally posted by d75bender View Post
                  I believe this is the thrust washer...If it's just stuck on there then I believe the prop would fit. Just didn't know how hard I could pull on it without messing something up.
                  On Mercs, the prop shaft and washer are wedge shaped for an interference (tight) fit to prevent vibrations and there may be some corrosion involved also.

                  My approach would be to shoot it with PB Blaster type penetrating oil, and using my rubber mallet and a piece of 1x4 wood putting the wood behind the washer on one side with hand pressure applied pushing against the LU housing and washer, taking the mallet and striking the other side, or tapping lightly with a 10 oz ball-peen hammer, rotating it around till I got it loose.
                  If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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                    Thanks for the tip, I got it off long ago thus the changing to a 19p then a 23p and now a 21p prop. The problem was the previous owner put a Merc thrust washer on a Rude engine and it was stuck on there pretty good. A couple of small taps on the washer with a hammer broke it lose. Like I said in my previous posts I've had boats before and changed props before but have never had one stuck like that...because I've never had a mismatched brand of washers like that before. Better to ask then to break or force something. Every prop I've changed before that one the washer just slid off.


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                      Ok, It's official...took my boat out today with the 21p prop by myself and don't like it. The boat handled and performed better with the 23p. Got basically the same stats as I did with 2 people as I did by myself with the 21p prop though. Got her up to 5500rpm's at 55mph WOT by myself. Still felt like it would slip at times when I'd trim it up a little, it just doesn't feel as smooth as it did with the 23p. With this 21p prop it likes the trim low, just doesn't feel right or at the very least doesn't feel as good as it did with the 23p so I'm probably gonna switch back to the 23p.


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                        Where did you get the 21? New or used? Seems to me something is squirrely, like maybe you have an intermittent hub slipping problem. Take it off, if it's not off already and scribe a line from the center of the hub....bronze splined area, out to the outer casting, including marking the outer casting material. Put it back on and take it out and romp on it a few times. Take it off and check your line. If it moved, get the 21 repaired (new hub) and put it back on. That should be your sweet spot on prop pitch.
                        If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.


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                          I have no idea why you would want anything less than a 23p prop. Here's what the mercury prop selector recommends.
                          Your setup

                          • Boat type: Bass
                          • Usage: Overall good performance/0 ft
                          • Engine Manufacturer:
                          • Engine Type: Outboard
                          • Engine Year: 2001
                          • Number of Engines: One
                          • Engine Family: V6 DFI 2-Stroke
                          • Engine: 150 Ficht
                          • Drive / Gear Case: Evinrude 135-250 hp 2-S 1.86 Ratio


                          • Calculated Pitch: 27.72
                          • Calculated Weight with engine(s): 2,219.00 lbs
                          • Calculated Engine RPM: 5,000
                          • Calculated Boat Speed: 63.71 mph


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                            Ok, gonna reply to the last few replies...derekpittx….the 19p fits on my rude just fine. I just don't like the feel of it on my boat.

                            Texasmark...the prop I'm currently using is a used prop that I bought off Amazon but looked pretty new. The hub is the same hub that I used in my 23p, 19p and my 21p so it's not a hub issue. For the Turning Point props they all used the same model of hub and I used the same hub in each prop. I was thinking it was something with the used prop but not sure.

                            WesNewell...I used Turning Points Prop Wizard to select my prop. It recommended I use a 19p. But like I just typed there was still a lot of throttle left when I reached my engines RPM range of 52-5500rpms. So I went up to a 23p and it felt perfect but someone suggested that I should be running a 21p so I went with that which is what I have now.

                            I have a Renegade 27p prop that came with the boat and it slips, doesn't push the boat correctly if I get more than 1 person in the boat. It's not a spun hub, I can get on a plane with 2 people and all that but the boat doesn't feel right. It ventilates which is the slipping I'm feeling.

                            The 23p was the sweet spot for my boat so far. I'm looking to go back to that. I guess I'll try Mercury's prop selector and enter in my boats information and see what it says.

                            But so far I had:
                            27p prop that was horrible. Would ventilate constantly.
                            19p prop that felt great but to much throttle left at my engines rated rpm range. Couldn't go WOT or the rpms would get to high.
                            23p prop that felt great, no problems at all. 1 person in boat at 59mph. Never had 2 people in the boat with it.
                            21p prop that doesn't feel right for my boat. 56mph 1 person it boat.

                            Took it out again yesterday and it felt OK. Not as good as my 23p so I'm still looking to go back to the 23p.

                            Thanks for all the input.


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                              @WesNewell...just tried to use Mercurys prop selector and my engine is a 1997 Evinrude Intruder FICHT. The selector only goes down to a 2001. I used the 2001 150hp FICHT though and the results were all 23p props with a top speed of 59.34mp which is exactly what I had with my 23p prop previously.


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                                Sign up today
                                Go-fast.com: https://www.go-fast.com/Prop_Slip_Calculator.htm

                                Plug in your LU ratio, like for 2:1 just insert a 2. fill in the rest of the first blocks and click on solve for max speed, leaving the last 2 blanks initially. Max speed is independent of any slip...like a screw in wood. Then put in your actual speed in the last block solving for prop slip.

                                Slip depends on prop and hull to water interface. at WOT on a reasonably fast hull it will be in the single to low double digit range. If your slip appears to be high, like 20% for a reasonably fast hull, then something is wrong with your inputs, tach or speedometer are giving you bogus info.

                                When playing with pitch, just leave slip where you were with it and play with pitch. Like you were running say 5k rpms with a 24 pitch, clear the pitch and rpm windows and insert your new pitch number leaving everything else alone. The answer will be your rpm with that pitch causing the same boat performance....just an example of using the chart for giving you an idea as to what changes will affect what.
                                If you are new to boating or have a new boat, a knowledgeable friend could show you how to operate your boat and save you a lot of grief, maybe some money, and maybe your life.