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1964 Wood 110hp Stern Drive Ventilation/Cavitation Struggles

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    "One interesting fact though... although mercury suggested that their props are marketed to be the same pitch as a 3 blade."

    Where'd you pick up that bunch of gobbledegoop....bs? Way back in the day when Carl was getting his company going, he knew that the fewer the blades, (above one) the higher the vibration and higher the efficiency......that's why back in the day, small engine racing hydroplanes running the Quicksilver racing lower unit they always had tiny, high pitched 2 blade props. It wasn't until the first 100 hp production engine produced came out , the 1000, in Phantom Black with a 3 blade prop he decided that that engine would be pushing big rigs and that 3 will push harder than 2 but at an efficiency loss buttttt.....forget the year but could look it up.

    Data available on here from folks who run 3s and 4s, you drop one inch of pitch adding a blade if you keep everything else constant......attesting to the loss of efficiency with the extra blade.
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