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Need help with buying a new prop

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  • Need help with buying a new prop

    Spun the prop and lost it at the bottom of lake. Have no idea on pitch or any other details. Boat is a 1985 Sea Ray Seville with. 3.0 OMC motor.

    Any suggestions?

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    85, is it a Stringer or a Cobra?

    If a Stringer (1.65:1 gears), I think a 15 would be in the ball park

    if a Cobra (1.71:1 gears), A 17 would be also in the ballpark

    WOT range is 4200 - 4600 rpm


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      Not sure. 302sthrcom is the model listed on the engine plate. 302STHRCOM


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        A Stringer would have a big ugly seal at the transom. A Cobra is easy to identify by it having two trim cylinders on the Outdrive.


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          it would be a stinger.


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            i was looking at another forum thread of someone doing a restoration on a Seville and they installed a new prop. they used a Quicksilver Black Diamond XT-14 1/2 21 Pitch. He had an Alpha 1 outdrive on his boat
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              I had a 1987 3.0 cuddy, A1 drive, had a 15p 4 blade on it... was the perfect fit for that underpowered heavy boat...
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                Mine is a 19' bowrider. Thinking of going with a 3 blade 13.5 diameter with a 15pitch. Found a site by Solas propeller that gives me part numbers.


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                  Whichever prop you go after will be your starter prop and then go from there dialing a prop that will make the motor to run at least middle to max wot frevs as usually loaded. It's much faster going for a spot on prop maximization from a previously tached prop or lost one than begining with a wild guess one as a starter prop.

                  A pity that lost prop was never tached previously to buy same or go from there..

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