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Need prop suggestions for Prokat 26" with twin 200 yamahas

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  • Need prop suggestions for Prokat 26" with twin 200 yamahas

    I need some help with 2650 Prokat with twin f200 v6 motors.

    I have heard several people commenting on their comparable setups and their speed and fuel economy. I seem to get slower speed and not so stellar economy with half tanks, and 3 people on board without any gear... Motors are serviced and checked and work perfectly well.

    WOT is at 5600 RPM at 38mph (GPS)
    4500 RPM at 32mph
    4200 RPM at 27mph
    3500 RPM at 20mph
    Power Tech Propellers (14and1/4" and 17 pitch counterrotated)

    WOT RPM seems reasonable. Just wondering if I can get any better speed/fuel consumption with different props... People seem to mention MUCH better numbers on their setups (like better performance with twin 150). Any opinions are very much appreciated.

    I researched the motor height and it seems to be mounted at correct height (see picture.)