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Prop for Hurricane Deck Boat & 150 Etec

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  • Prop for Hurricane Deck Boat & 150 Etec

    I have a 150 HP Etec G1 Model E150DPX 2.6L Shaft: 25"
    Repowered my 21 foot 2002 Hurricane SD210 deck boat with a new G1.
    Boat and motor weight 3,063 lbs.
    Dealer installed prop is ss 15 x 15 Evinrude #0763962 three blade.
    Motor has only a few hours, still in breakin mode.
    Stated max rpm in Operators Guide is 5500 - 6000.

    Did a couple of brief full throttle spurts, motor trimmed up to optimum with two people and 50 gallons gas. Wind was not a factor, about 6-7 mph.
    RPM maxed at 5,000. Speed 33 mph. Hole shot is good.
    I called the dealer with concern that not hitting full rpm and top speed is down from when my Yamaha OX66 was on the boat. That motor had a 15 1/2 X 15 and got 36 mph.

    Dealer stated that decreasing pitch to increase rpm to reach max range of 5500-6000 will decrease fuel economy since prop has to spin at higher rpm more to keep boat at say 25 mph.
    He says he would leave prop as is.
    With the new motor at cruise of 24 mph, RPM is 4,000, already higher rpm than with the Yamaha where I would push 3600 rpm to achieve 24. I certainly don't want more RPM at cruise (and consume more fuel).

    I have always understood when propping a boat that you should hit a least the low end of the max range. I am not concerned about top end speed, but more with decent hole shot and cruising fuel economy but still feel any prop should get to the max rpm.
    Maybe a change to a different brand/style of prop would achieve better results or just leave as is?
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    I have a Hurricane 188SS with a 150 Yamaha 4 stroke. I run a 14.5 X 17 Aluminum prop. I turn 5500 RPM at about 43 mph.Try a smaller pitch prop. You should turn at least 5500 rpm at full throttle.


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      Also a smaller diameter prop say 14 X 15, 3 blade


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        Found out my problem was a sticky throttle. When I thought I was at full throttle I wasn't. Just needed to push throttle down so it was horizontal. Now getting 5500 rpm and 38 MPH.