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Enertia or enertia ECO for sterndrive?

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  • Enertia or enertia ECO for sterndrive?

    Hello... I have a repowered Wellcraft 202 nova spyder with a 350mag mpi (MY 2009) with 1.47:1 Ratio alpha GENII drive. The performance of the boat using current prop (enertia 18p) is very good reaching 58mph@gps and 5100rpm and having very good economy , 3,7mpg@3000rpm. But yesterday thieves have fallen into the warehouse that I have the boat and except from others, they stole the propeller of my boat. (Enertia 18p) . So I must buy another one. I am thinking of buy a 18p Enertia ECO. Should I expect lower rpm@wot and lower top end? I probably will have even better economy, but I am afraid of the big diameter and I also afraid that at same pitch the ECO will reach lower rpm and so lower top end.......what do you think? Does anyone have experience going from Enertia to an ECO??
    Many thanks.

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    I have a cheerleader of the Enertia Prop for 13 yrs, but I have never seen an Enertia ECO so I can't say it will be better or worse than your current prop. It sounds like your pleased with the Original Enertia, so... However try making friends with a local dealer and maybe they let you try one, of course you have to commit to buying one or the other from them, and if you prang it while trialing it is yours. I borrowed many a prop from my dealer, banged up a nearly new SS up, that cost me to provide a Demo Ride for a Potential Buyer.


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      The problem here in "Ancient boatly Greece" no marine dealer gives you prop for testing even if you pay him in advance .....They do not stock any propellers, they have them "On demand".........
      So please if anyone have any suggestion , it would be very helpful......
      Otherwise i will find an Enertia 18p again.....


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        I don't know the max recommended rpm for your engine, but if 5100 is over the max you might want to consider going up in pitch, or down in pitch if it's way below max rpm, no matter which model prop you choose.


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          Rpm range is 4800-5200


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            The eco won’t be as quick, from all accounts. I’d stick to another conventional enertia and maybe even a 19”.
            Is it the sea core 350 mpi you have with closed cooling ? If it isn’t and the normal 350 mpi, your rpm rating is 4500-5000. Mine hits the limited before 5200


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              If your data is correct, you’ve got 1.7% prop slip. It can’t get any better than that. The ECO is generally used on large center consoles with multiple outboards. I’d stick with the standard enertia.
              1990 Wellcraft Eclipse 196
              Mercruiser Vortec 4.3 0M322285
              Alpha gen 1


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                The rpm range is definately 4800-5200 as engine cover refers it.
                Porscheguy, I made the same consideration as you did. Enertia had 1,5-2%slip @wot , so the ECO has nothing to give for further and maybe it will lose some top end because of the large diameter. As far as the cruising speed maybe the ECO will have an advantage but my boat setup (boat, engine, drive ratio, prop) has been proven very efficiency as the fuel consuption (smartcraft based on gps speed readings) is 3,3mpg with full load and 3,9mpg at normal load (2 persons and about 30gal fuel)
                So I will go to the standard enertia.....
                Thank you guys very much.


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                  That’s an amazing prop slip number. Superb. I thought I was good with just about 3%