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1980 Johnson 25hp

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  • 1980 Johnson 25hp

    I have a friend that needs a prop, it’s a spline drive but he’s ordered two from a boat shop and neither will work they are hitting the exhaust. It’s a spline drive with a bushing and I think he needs a prop like what would fit in a pin drive any ideas?

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    The prop for a 1980 25 hp would be a splined prop. Props for a later 25 would have a thru hub exhaust and blades with more rake, and of course will not fit. Pictures of the props his trying to fit would help

    There is another possiblity, There were the very old 25hp during 51 - 55 which were a Pin Drive prop, they too are bigger than what your friends motor needs


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      The pic of the first prop is one that he has tried 9.25x10

      Is the pic of the second prop the kind he needs? I have one but it won’t fit his shaft but even if it did there would be a gap between the back of the prop and the housing

      i have another motor that is close to the same year as his but it’s a pin drive.
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        A drive pin prop would be used on Pre 1978 engines, and is not usable on the Post 77 engines

        This is from a 1981 OMC accessory catalog. The props for this engine will resemble the second prop. The part numbers though old, should permit cross referencing to newer props of BRP or 3rd party manufacturers

        It will get larger when double clicked on
        Click image for larger version  Name:	img737.jpg Views:	1 Size:	44.3 KB ID:	10696224

        That gear case looks like someone slapped some Baseboard Alkyd on it


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