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Michigan Prop ID?

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  • Michigan Prop ID?

    Hi All - I have a Michigan Prop that I found in my basement - I don't recall this propeller or what boat it may have come from! it has 141/2 x 19 inscribed on the hub, so I am confident as to the size - what I don't know is whether its an OMC or Merc Prop. Also stamped on the Hub are M6046 and M8824 - which I understand are not Michigan Prop numbers - any assistance in figuring this out is appreciated.

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    Is the hub pressed in or removable? If pressed in, count the splines.
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      Thanks for the quick reply - hub is pressed - I counted 15 splines


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        OMC will fit Merc but Merc wont fit OMC due to spline length...
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