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Taming the RPMs - Volvo 5.0 gxi 20' Runabout

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  • Taming the RPMs - Volvo 5.0 gxi 20' Runabout

    Hi, have a 2005 Regal 2000 - 5.0 gxi, bought it with a 3-blade 14x19 stainless (quicksilver) prop. Looking for suggestion on getting the RPMs to cap around 5000. As it is, it can run up near 5500 with a decent load. Should I go up to a 21 pitch? Looking for all around performance - cruising but occasionally pulling toys. Thanks!

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    We all have our 'druthers. If I were going to pull anything/anybody behind a boat this size, I would likely go with something that's going to turn up max rpm pretty easily. I would want the extra zip/pep a prop like that will give the boat. However, when it comes to cruising, that pep is no longer necessary, and the noise level reduction of decreased rpm's might be welcomed.

    My vote would be to keep the 19 and buy a 21. Then mount the one that makes the most sense for how your near future plans are looking.....


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      What's the min-max wot rpm range factory stated for that engine ?

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          If your tach is accurate, then you are over revving and an increase in pitch is needed to stay in the Recommended RPM range. However the the holeshot will be slower. The 305 being a little weak in the Torque department doesn't help either.


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            Before you do anything I would verify the tach is accurate with a shop tach or other known good tach

            i wouldn’t expect a 5.0 in a 20 fter to hit 5500 with a 19” pitch

            if indeed your tach is correct then yes go up in pitch to a 21” or maybe a 20” 4 blade if you prefer hole shot to top speed


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              What MPH are you getting at 5500 rpm...
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                It's in the 50-55 range


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                  You need to check your tachometer. That particular engine shouldn’t rev to 5500. It has a limiter at about 5180 rpm. Or that’s what my equivalent mpi 5.0 has.