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Prop for 1987 Starcraft Select 191s

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  • Prop for 1987 Starcraft Select 191s

    I just bought this bowrider & it runs very nice. It has a OMC Cobra 5.7litre 260 hp. motor. It came with a 15x17 pitch prop & a spare of the same.
    Holeshot is great & gets up on plane very fast. However it over revs if I try to go WOT. To get to 40mph I was briefly at 5000 rpm but quickly backed it off. It may have gone more had I let it. I believe WOT for this motor is 4300 to 4600 rpm. Boat weighs 2500 lbs & has a 94" beam. I tow tubers & will be towing skiers so I am more concerned about pulling power than top speed but I do want to keep the prop within the range of the boats rpm specs. Iwas considering an OMC stainless 19 or 21 pitch prop but not sure which. Turning Point prop wizard does not have a recommendation for this boat motor config.

    Any ideas?

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    I would try a 21 p.My brother had a 191 with the 4.3 and merc outdrive and he ran 19 and 21p and would hit 50 plus.Just noticed you want to do water sports so maybe a 19 p might be more up your alley.