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Performance data 1990 wellcraft eclipse 196

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  • Performance data 1990 wellcraft eclipse 196

    1990 wellcraft eclipse 196
    LOA: 20'
    Transom deadrise: 17.5
    Fuel: 40 gallons
    Dry weight: 2800
    Test weight: full tank plus myself, minimal other stuff
    Ratio: alpha 1, gen 1, 1.84
    Engine: 2002 4.3lx carb, 175 hours
    GPS: garmin echo map 44dv/cv

    Prop 1: Mercury black max, 3 blade aluminum
    Size: 14.25X21P
    Top speed: 45mph
    RPM: 4900 or wherever the rev limiter intervenes
    Slip: 14.5% @ 45mph

    I have no complaints with the holeshot on this prop. That's really the only good thing I have to say about it. It doesn't tolerate much trim out before it lets go. Forget about sharp turns. With smart tabs installed top speed is reduced and even less trim out is tolerated.

    Prop 2: quicksilver lightspeed (laser II) 3 blade stainless
    Size: 13.75X23P
    Top speed: 52mph
    RPM: 4800
    Slip: 8.5%

    This prop came with the 3/8" square pvs holes. Mercury doesn't supply plugs. First runs without plugs were not impressive. Holeshot was awful. I did get some of the big square plugs used in the older laser 2 which I forced to fit. Lost one plug on early speed run and couldn't repeat the results. Filled pvs holes with jb weld. Have not had favorable water conditions for further testing. Filling the holes did improve holeshot. This is a very fast prop. But it makes the boat feel a bit loose. It will hold through the full range of trim. It will blow out if too much trim and making a sharp turn. I haven't really reached a verdict on this one because so many variables came into play.

    Prop 3: Mercury mirage, 3 blade stainless
    Size: 14.75X21P
    Speed: 48mph
    RPM: 4800
    Slip: 7.5%

    I got this one used for a fraction of the cost of new. Although this prop is a little slower than the lightspeed, it more than makes up for it elsewhere. It has an excellent holeshot. On par with the aluminum. At high speed the boat felt stable and sharp. It tolerated the full range of trim and gripped like a pit bull in the sharpest turns. Very impressed with this prop.

    I'm on the lookout for a tempest plus/torrent in 21 and 23 pitch. This prop seems to bridge the gap between the Laser and mirage and I'd be curious to what it can do for me. I'm not really looking for a specific performance goal, I just want to see how it runs.

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    Good stuff there porscheguy , thanks! I have the same type of handling issues with my current boat regarding the blowout conditions you mentioned. Thinkin' I will spend this next offseason on a Merc Mirage prop search
    2002 Bryant 188 4.3MPI


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      Wanted to update this. One thing you sometimes read about people using large diameter, heavy props like the mirage or the rev4 is that they can be a bit fussy about shifting into gear on the alpha1 drive.

      One thing I didn't mention in my assessment of the mirage is that it had this issue. It would clatter and chatter when shifting into gear, and would require an extra long throw on the shifter to get it to engage. This is obviously dangerous because you're starting to apply throttle at the point where it finally engages.

      I did find one solution to this problem. The standard flo-torq hub is a bit lightweight and leaves a lot of the prop unsupported on the propshaft. So on a whim, I picked up a forward bushing that goes in the flo torq hub kits for the rev4, tempest, and fury. Mercury recommends this for those props as they're more likely to be surfaced. The bushing is there to offer cushioning and support of the prop, hub, etc when the prop is surfaced.

      The bushing is available by itself and can be added to the standard flo torq assembly. I pressed it in by hand as much as I could. Then I put it on the prop shaft and slammed it down with moderate force to drive it in more. Then I torqued it down to the new (higher) specification to get the bushing seated fully. Then I backed it off a bit because I won't be surfacing this prop.

      What's the verdict? Success mostly. I'd say that that chatter on engagement has been reduced by 80% or more. The lever throw distance has been reduced to a safe level. It can now fully engage the gear before it starts opening the throttle. It probably even runs a bit more smooth now since the prop is more stabiles on the shaft.

      Some are probably wondering why I did this rather than adjust or replace the shift cable. The shift cable was within the tolerance. I will replace it this winter, and I've already got a new one in the garage. The bushing is $20 and 5 minutes to install, the shift cable is $100, and more than one hour to install.


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        Great info there...
        Try the more recent laser 2 23". Much better prop and more kind to the application. The square vent holes is the older laser.
        The newer one has the round pvs holes.
        Simple things the laser...trim her up until she looses grip, makes and airiated noise and speed drops slightly.....then a quick nudge down on the trim until you hear her hook up again. Brilliant things.
        For those who say that they loose grip easily.....easily countered by trimming down a little in the turn, as you should.
        That said....who wants to turn hard when trimmed up and running high ? Not I. I wouldn't dare and have never found the need to. Haha.


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          I'd also imagine a laser 2 21" will see you into the 50's too.
          I have a ballistic on the boat just now (over my usual trusty laser) but find it an akward thing to get consitantly fast. Jeez, on the 1/5 times I do get it right, it's a flying machine, but it's just not consistent the way the laser was. Also much slower to plane. Bigger diameter and heavier to. Makes a bit of a clunk when engaging, should the prop still be slightly mobile still.
          As mentioned in other posts...can't wait to get my enertia. By all accounts, as fast, if not faster than he laser, ballistic and tempests and also lighter due to its alloy construction.


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            Mine is actually a lightspeed from quicksilver which is supposed to be a laser2 just with the small 3/8" square pvs holes.

            For that clunk into gear, look into the forward bushing for the flo torq hub that I mentioned above. It's sold on its own or with the assembly specific to the rev 4, and tempest. It made a decent improvement in the shift quality on mine. Certainly worth the $20 I spent on it.

            Are you looking at the enertia or the enertia eco? The enertia is sold under the quicksilver name as the q3 for reasonable savings.


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              Enertia standard, I'm going to order. Thinking with its light weight (isn't actually technically a stainless) and thinner blades, it should be a winner. Trying to get as close to 70mph as possible.
              Huge barrier to break (as is 60 and even 50). Unlikely I'll get there without removing all the seats, canopy, upholstery and even family.....haha. Was a few mph off it with a large pitch laser 2, but it was absolutely rubbish in every other aspect and just not useable day to day and with anyone or anything in the boat !


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                Picked up a 21P quicksilver Q4/Mercury revolution 4. Hopefully weather will play nice this weekend and I can get back with some performance data.


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                  How you get on ?


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                    Havent had a chance to test yet. Had to spend the day securing the seat to the floor. Hopefully I can get out tomorrow. Ill run by myself. My crew last weekend spent days crying that I was going to fast. We had 3-4 easy rollers in the gulf and a lot of chop in the ICW. It was hot for this northern yankee down here in FL. The only way to get a breeze is with some speed.

                    Im still struggling with the weather predictions down here. It always looks ominous, yet it doesnt rain. Right now, it looks like a perfect evening for a cruise, but the sun would be down before I got the boat hitched to the truck. Calling for AM t-storms, but we shall see.
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                      Jealous !
                      It's turned really cold here in Scotland last few weeks. I probably had the last spin in the boat today. Managed a wee 61mph run on the way home. Not bad for a filthy hull and the hood up.
                      Can't wait to get the enertia prop and for the long dark Scottish winter to bugger off !


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                        Plans changed quickly for me so Im back up in Maryland. Ill try to get it out for one last run and to see what this thing will do, and then its time to put it up for the winter.

                        A couple of things Ive noticed is that it would appear that props selected for sale as quicksilver are probably those that are fine, but fail to make the cut for final finish quality. You may see what look like tiny pinholes near the blade root and they can develop a bit of surface rust if not rinsed after a trip in the salt. Again, these arent serious. They only seem to be in the outer surface, and are likely flaws that would normally be polished away if they were just a tad more shallow. Nothing that will cause a decline in performance by any means.

                        Ive also noticed that it seems that despite what mercury uses in their pics to advertise, the prop labeling on the ad pic tends to differ from what youll receive. What I mean is that on the older style props, the name label and p/n is either stamped in after it comes out of the mold, or cast into the prop during manufacture. The ad pics show props that still appear to have it done this way. Think of the mirage or laser labeling on the prop barrel to understand what Im saying. The newer props seem to have moved away from this method and now etch the label and p/n on the prop barrel during final finishing. It makes sense as its a cheaper method. The only issue I see with this method is that the etched surface is not as rust resistant as the rest of the stainless. With that said, a quick rinse and the occasional metal polish should be sufficient to stop any rust, which on quality stainless should take decades to be come a real issue
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                          So I took the boat out for what may be its final time for the season. I got about 2 hours of run time on the Q4/Rev4.

                          Prop: Quicksilver Q4/Mercury Revolution 4
                          Size: 14.6X21P
                          Top speed: 48.1MPH
                          RPM: 4800+
                          Slip: 7.5-8%

                          The Q4 is a 4 blade stainless prop from quicksilver. Its also sold by mercury as the Revolution 4. Props are identical with the exception of labeling and part numbers. This prop is essentially a 4 blade Tempest Plus. One thing that will strike you immediately is that this is a heavy prop. Heavier than a Mirage. It has less cup than the Mirage but It has very high rake that easily surpasses the mirage.

                          Installation requires the use of a slightly different flo torq hub. The kit includes an additional forward bushing to offer extra support in the event of prop surfacing. It also requires that the prop be torqued to 100 ft-lbs. i dont usually torque down that much because its unlikely Ill be surfacing this or any prop. As Ive said before, I recommend this hub kit on any application where a heavy stainless prop is used. It makes going into gear much easier and more smooth.

                          Acceleration is quite strong with the Q4. On my boat, I had to make sure the bow was trimmed down even at cruising speed before slamming it to WOT. If I didnt, youd hear the prop slip a bit before biting down again.

                          Sharp turns resulted in no blowout.

                          This prop does generate stern lift. On my boat this is a bonus. Between the lift of the prop and the trim switch, I found I could raise much of the boat out of the water, while still keeping it level. I didnt notice any chine walking. At WOT, it felt stable like the Mirage.

                          One common thing youll hear is people saying if you add an extra blade, you can lose 200-300RPM, and if you use a Q4 specifically, you may drop a lot more. Yet again, I was at or slightly over redline with this prop. I did lose maybe 1 mph as compared to the Mirage.

                          Verdict: for my use, this prop isnt really necessary. Its not a bad prop. Its actually quite good and a solid performer. If I was running heavy and pulling skiers I think this would be the best choice out there as its a much newer and more sophisticated design than the high 5.

                          Ill continue to keep my eyes open for a 23P Mirage Plus. Maybe next year Ill take a look at the Enertia as well.
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                            Just picked up a 23P mirage plus from Craigslist for $100. Its one of the older ones. It uses the flo torq hub insert, but it doesnt have PVS. Im not complaining. This one appears to have been a little beaten up and possibly repaired at some point. After I test it, Ill try to find a prop shop to have a look at it over the winter. It doesnt have as much cupping as the 21 mirage. It could be one of those things where the 23 has the correct amount and blade profile, and the 21 has had cup added. Wont know until I test it and have it looked at over the winter. Was planning to winterize this week, but Ill have to wait a bit longer.
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                              Prop: Mercury Mirage Plus
                              Size: 14.6X23P
                              Top speed: 50.8
                              RPM: 4750
                              Slip: 10.2%

                              Before I start, I want to mention that my 21P Mirage Plus yielded 49mph in a later run while using smart tabs in the #2 position. This resulted in a reduced slip of 6.5%. Hands down, its the most efficient prop I own. That prop is giving it 100% and then some.

                              As I stated previously, the 23p mirage plus I just picked has been around the block a time or 2. Its an early model that lacks pvs, but can use a solid long sleeve flo torq. I didnt have the proper sleeve so I added a thick 1 ID washer to fill the gap between the sleeve and the thrust washer. It worked fine. The performance results were not what I expected. For starters, the acceleration was better than on my 23P lightspeed/laser2. I had expected it to be the same or possibly worse due to the larger diameter of the mirage. The top speed was lower than on the lightspeed. I guess you could chalk it up to drag. The blades on this one dont have anywhere near the amount of cupping as the 21P mirage. This could be due to it being an early model, the blades being hammered flat by a second rate repair, or it is certainly possible that the 21p is the one thats been worked over. One thing is certain. Both will be going to the prop shop. The 21 to see if its been hammered on, and the 23 to get hammered on properly. Looking at the slip calculator, my 21 mirage is the most efficient prop I have and the 23 is the least. Something is off here despite the fact that were almost to the point of splitting hairs.

                              So acceleration was decent, but top speed was lower than expected. Handling was fairly typical like my other mirage. I did have a slightly increased cruise speed.

                              I have to find a way to turn these props faster.
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