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Transducer mount on Pontoon

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  • Transducer mount on Pontoon

    I am getting ready to install a fish finder and need suggestions on mounting the transducer. I am going to mount it an the bracket that is already in place on the back of one of the pontoons. My problem is that I keep the boat in the water and can not drill the holes into the bracket underwater. I was thinking of mounting it with some marine grade 5200 or 4800 epoxy. Is it possible to do this underwater? Any recommendations? Thanks.

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    Re: Transducer mount on Pontoon

    If you have forearms like Popeye maybe you can do it with self tapping screws. Otherwise I think it needs to be trailered or lifted from the water. 5200 takes a week to cure. 4800 is 24 hours I believe. Either way, except Popeye, it needs to come out of the water.


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      Re: Transducer mount on Pontoon

      Guess it depends on how badly you want to do it. I've still got an old hand crank drill sitting around in the shop - they work under water.
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        Re: Transducer mount on Pontoon

        Is there a reason you can't pull the boat to do the work? No trailer? 50' long? Best to do this on dry land so you can mount it correctly and at the right height etc.
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          Re: Transducer mount on Pontoon

          I have a flexible drill extension.

          similar to this http://www.amazon.com/Eazypower-3016.../dp/B0009XAFXU
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            Re: Transducer mount on Pontoon

            When you mount it, it has to be perfectly straight on all axes. That may be hard to do while in the water.
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