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If you try the Hydrofin on your boat, please post a review

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  • If you try the Hydrofin on your boat, please post a review

    I just saw an ad video for a new "sounds too good" product to improve the speed and efficiency of pontoon boats. It's a hydrofoil system that mounts between two logs and is called Hydrofin. It appears the product is brand new to the market. I'd like to see a review whenever someone here gives it a try.

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    I have seen that also. I was curious so i contacted them through YouTube. I wanted to know if the strakes on the insides of my pontoons would get in the way and they said they would need to cut out sections of them to place the pads. They looked like they will work good on a lake but on a river with debris it looks like a disaster waiting to happen. They also said the pontoon will need to go at least 18-20 mph for it to get up on the hydrofoil. And was 2 grand installed. They will come to you and install them because they want before and after information. Glue or weld on.


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      They don't even have a picture of a prototype installation. No pricing and only pre-orders. Selling air.
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        Watched the vid and would be interested if it actually worked, but right now I call it BS

        They show a 24 maybe 28 foot pontoon with two people. Says it reduces the weight, really??, how can weight be reduced?

        Get a full loaded pontoon and see if you get 8 inches of lift. If you get some lift on the stern then the prop already has issues getting it to bite and hold.

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          All I can think of is pulling sea weed off of it...


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            The main reason I posted here is because there seem to be few facts about this "product". The testimonials appear to be from people involved with the business, and I'm too old to fall for the "up to 40%" claims. If a real person, unaffiliated with the company came forth and said, "... top speed in my 24' 115 HP boat with just me was 24 before and after is 30," I'd give that some weight. But soft claims by biased parties don't do it for me. I'm hoping some frustrated pontoon owner with money to burn will be the beta tester for this thing and tell the rest of us how it went.

            I also agree with the earlier comment regarding lifting the boat enough to cause ventilation problems. I can see where that might well be an issue that would have to be addressed.

            The ad did give me one idea to ponder. I wonder if I could add strakes to my pontoon using industrial adhesives rather than welding.


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              You have a pontoon it is not made for performance with speed and agility.


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