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Lexington Pontoon Boats

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  • Lexington Pontoon Boats

    I was wondering is anyone on the forum has any experience with Lexington Pontoon boats. I looked a few today and while they look good from a distance, the fit and finish of some items leave me wondering. For example, the pexi faring is sort of rough cut, as is the dash bezel. Wood screws that attach the railing to the wooden deck seem a little too long from underneath, and the Phillips heads are burred from drill driver torque. The one I'm looking at is about 26 feet overall with a Suzuki 4 stroke 200Hp. This is actually a tritoon...

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    The rail to deck fasteners should not be wood screws. They should be stainless bolts or screws with lock nuts. The burred heads are a good sign of poor QC, workmanship, or both....

    Plastic is often cut using a router. Those cuts can be smoothed to some extent with a quick pass of a propane torch. Obviously, some care in that process a good idea. Like keep that flame away from any carpet or fabric. No point in having that lesson learned again.

    Bottom line, if a great price goes along with the sketchy workmanship, and there are no real glaring issues, it might be a good buy. But I would go over it pretty carefully. It sounds like you know what you are doing. Just take your time on the pre-purchase inspection.